Wenlido Workshops: Some Responses

POSTCARDS from wenlido workshops

Newsletter May-Aug 2002


“I really feel empowered, I hope we will get to attend more workshops, because I think we need more practice.”

~a student~

“Self defence in two days, forget it”. But out of curiosity I joined the workshop and then on everything was different. The 1st experience was the 'board breaking round'. I couldn't believe that we all could break a wooden board single handedly by just giving a little concentration and everyone's first expression was 'WOW'. After the workshop I could walk with my head held high caring for no vulgar comment and male gaze.”

~a student~

“About life post-wenlido, well nothing had happened, till now (touch wood). It's been fun. I never thought I could get such a kick just knowing I could actually 'kick' a person (not that I kick every male in sight!). Also, I have been quiet for so long, the workshop really helped me to speak up for myself … something which I don't think I did very often, for some odd vague, stupid reason.”

~a budding scientist~

“Right at the beginning of the workshop, they were given a wooden board to break, which initially everyone thought that no one would be able to do. But once the first board was broken, everyone felt the confidence that they would be able to do it and yes all of them did.”

~excerpts from the report of Satyawati college~

“I didn’t realise I had so much strength in me! It’s like my life has changed….”

~ a lecturer in Lucknow University~

“The workshop was very helpful. I encountered many stupid guys but there was no need of violence. The best part was that the session on learning how to say 'NO' worked a lot.”

~a student~

"Right now, I'm back at home in Sri Lanka...when I heard you were planning to have a refresher course I was like "oh Shit!" I'll be missing it...and then I was happy that it was cancelled!! In case you're wondering, I haven't been able to practise on anyone as yet. (thank god!)

~a student~

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…watch out for an analysis of the survey on sexual assault we had done during the self defence workshops…..