SPEAK OUT, DELHI               


Protest Against Khap Panchayats, Lajpat Nagar, May 2010

1st performance of Mahaul Badalna Hai, PUDR Conference, 2003?

Against moral policing by State and Judiciary, April 2008


Reaching out with Mahaul Badalna 

Hai, 200?

Protesting rape in Dhaula Kuan - 

at the scene of the crime, May 2005

Taking Mahaul Badalna Hai out

to colleges, 2006

Series of public actions to break the silence on violence on women, 2004/05

 STATE REPRESSION              

Play against rape, 1992


Conducting a workshop with guards

at JNU, July 2005

Protest against Sati, 1987

Joint protest against rape and 

murder in Shopian, May 2009

In preparation for Take Back 

the Night, Mar 2003


ake Back the Night, 

Delhi University, 7 Mar 2003

With the mothers of Manipur 

against AFSPA, Jan 2008/9


With students and other groups

against AFSPA, 2004


Protesting dowry harassment 

and murder, early 1980s

Taking Back the Night, in full colour, Delhi University, 7 Mar 2003

Wenlido workshop with a Kinnar 

group, July 2006

Wenlido workshop at xxxx, 2005

Participants of a Wenlido workshop, October 2004