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Saheli was set up in 1981 in New Delhi, India, primarily as a crisis intervention centre. Early struggles against oppression and violence within marriage, family and community led to campaigns against dowry, domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, communalism, war and discrimination against women in the law. Our work on women's health includes long standing campaigns against coercive population control policies, hazardous contraceptives, sex-determination, the unethical sale of emergency contraceptives and vaccines against cervical cancer. Increasing conservatisms, militarisation, globalisation and state repression are some of the other challenges we meet jointly with queer, dalit, adivasi and democratic rights’ groups, and other peoples’ movements.

An integral part of the autonomous women's movement in India, Saheli continues today as a non-funded feminist collective, working on volunteer power, individual donations, the solidarity of friends and supporters, and of course, the strength of our convictions. We believe our work contributes towards the creation of an egalitarian society where women and men can live with courage, justice and hope.

Through this website we share our archive of articles, debates, publications, presentations and images from a range of campaigns and concerns spanning almost three decades.

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